Sponsorship Makes Safina’s Dreams Come True

For Safina, going to school every day was far from the reality she grew up with. 

Her mom was a single parent who struggled to provide four children with enough to eat, let alone enough money to pay school fees. Teachers, seeing she couldn’t pay, would send Safina home. She often missed school for weeks at a time. 

But despite the challenges, Safina was a bright, tenacious girl. As a child she dreamed of one day becoming a teacher, and tried not to lose sight of her goal, even when times were hard, and her grades dipped. 

Fortunately, Safina was introduced to Chalice’s Mombasa site in Kenya, and staff were soon able to find her a Chalice sponsor.  

With her sponsor’s support, Safina made it through primary and secondary school. Her grades were so good that she was chosen to take a course at one of the county’s government colleges! 

She didn’t end up choosing teaching as her career path, but is studying something just as exciting. She’s enrolled in an orthopedics program at a medical school, and is set to soon enter her second year. 

“May Almighty God bless each and every one who came into Safina’s life to make her dream come true,” site staff write. 

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