Photo Friday: Our top 5 ‘Group’ photos

Welcome to Photo Friday! Each Friday, we share photo collections of our favourite shots from our sponsor sites around the world. 

You’re at an event with some old friends. Everyone is laughing over treats and hot drinks when, suddenly, someone pulls out their phone and says, “Hey…why don’t we take a group photo?”  

Whether gathering at a coffee shop, a school reunion or a wedding, group photos are a well-known (and sometimes feared) part of coming together. They’re also snapshots of important moments in our lives, and show love in action. This week, our top 5 ‘Group’ photos remind us of the joy of gathering with friends and family. 

#5: A Range of Emotions 

At our Haiti North site, these children are showing the varying degrees of emotion people feel when asked to pose for a group photo. Some are camera-ready, some are grimacing, and some are a bit confused. Remind you of anyone? 

#4: A Silly Surprise

Have you ever tried posing for a group photo during a meal? As these kids at our Haiti North site surely know, it sometimes means a surprise new facial feature – like a yogurt mustache! 

#3: Family Portrait 

Almost everyone has posed for a group photo with family, whether they wanted to or not. But this family at our Haiti North site is all smiles in front of their home under construction! One of the sons, Jean, wants to be a priest one day. 

#2: A Candid Moment 

Group photos don’t always have to be posed. In fact, it’s even better when they’re candid. These kids learning at our Haiti North site barely even know the camera is on them!  

#1: The Big Group

We have to admire the person who took this photo at our Haiti North site, because wrangling that many kids can’t be easy. It turned out great, though, and some of the kids stand out from the crowd with their own unique smiles. Even in a group, it’s important to always be yourself.  

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