A Wave of Change in St. Dominque

Since 1999, Chalice supporters have made a difference in Haiti. They’ve provided disaster relief in the wake of the 2010 earthquake and 2016 hurricane, and helped sponsored children complete their education. And at our St. Dominique site, grants, gift catalogue purchases and sponsorships fueled by generous donors are generating waves of change. 

At one of the orphanages Chalice works with in Haiti, finding the money to pay wages can be difficult. Thanks to a grant funded by supporters, the orphanage covered five months of wages for its employees. And the work with orphanages doesn’t stop there. 

Another orphanage desperately needed help. A government agency visited the girl’s dormitory, and asked the building that be torn down. It was cracked from the earthquake, making it an unsafe environment for children to live in. 

Thankfully, there was another building on the site. With a grant, the orphanage renovated the building to include washrooms, a septic tank and electrical lines. 

“The children were very happy with their new dormitory and also thank you for your contribution. We are very grateful for everything you are doing for Saint Dominique site,” writes Alphonse, general director of the Fondation Montesinos, a group that helps take care of Haiti’s orphans and is one of Chalice’s overseas partners.  

On top of that, Chalice supporters are making the daily lives of site staff easier through the Chalice gift catalogue. The St. Dominique site now has a coffee maker, new computers, filing cabinets and a camera to take pictures of the beloved children at the site.  

“We are and will always be grateful to your generosity for our children,” writes Wendell, site director. 

Thank you, Chalice supporters!  

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