Our Top 5 “Sharing Your Heart” Photos!

Welcome to Photo Friday! Each Friday, we share photo collections of our favourite shots from our sponsor sites around the world.

June is a special month for the Church, with many celebrations of God’s love for us. In gratitude for His love, we show that same love to others. As we all know, showing love can take many forms, from friendship to food. This week, our Top 5 “Sharing Our Hearts” photos show what love in action looks like!

#5: Sharing Our Hearts With Our Friends

Friends are the people who bring joy and laughter into the everyday. We share our love when we support and encourage them. With friends like that, how can you not jump for joy?

#4: A Mother’s Giving Heart

Moms will go above-and-beyond for their families, and mother-of-four Rosaline is a picture-perfect example. She was always interested in tailoring, but focused on her young family after getting married. After her daughter Princess was sponsored, she jumped at the chance to take a sewing class at our sponsor site in Tondo. She now owns a sewing machine and is excited about earning income from it at home in the Philippines. She dreams of her children completing their education so they can fulfill their dreams!

#3: Sharing Our Hearts In Teaching

In the Zambian province of Muchinga, many people are farmers living on less than $1 a day. Teachers at the local school share their love through educating and feeding the children each day. Chalice sponsors show their love for children by helping them stay in school, so families can overcome the cycle of poverty.

#2: Sharing Our Heart Through Music

Sharing musical talent with others is a great way to share your heart, and the kids near our sponsor site in Amanecer aren’t shy about showing off their skills on this traditional Bolivian flute. Sharing what you’re passionate is not only an act of love, but music can often express emotions when words fail!

#1: Sharing Our Love Through Food

Is food the universal love language? Thanks to Chalice supporters, Chugu Primary School near our sponsor site in Meru, Kenya has a feeding program providing one hot meal per day for children. Today, none of them suffer from malnutrition. With good food to share, it’s not hard to share love, either.

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