Photo Friday: Our top 5 “flowers and showers” photos!

Welcome to Photo Friday! Each Friday, we share photo collections of our favourite shots from our sponsor sites around the world.

It’s the May long weekend! In Canada, temperatures are rising and flower gardens across the country are blooming into vivid floral works of art. We, however, must remember all of the rainy days we needed to make these spectacles possible. Our top 5 “flowers and showers” photos remind us that even drizzle can turn into beauty – and light can shine through the clouds after even the darkest of moments in our lives.

#5: Ready for the rainy season

It looks sunny in this festive photo, but don’t be fooled. In the southern regions of Tanzania where our sponsor sites operate, the rainy season starts in October and can run through until the spring. These umbrellas are the perfect Christmas gift, as they help children keep their school uniforms and backpacks dry when they walk to school in the wet months.

#4: Pretty in pink

Children from our CMAVIL site love maintaining their hearty vegetable garden and flourishing flower beds. These flower beds were constructed with recycled materials! Many children use the skills they learn at the site to help their families start gardens of their own.

#3: Playing in the petals

Our Levantate Mujer sponsor site works mainly with large families who have migrated to Sucre from rural areas in search of opportunities. Many of the parents are more comfortable speaking their native language, Quechua. Tuktu, t’ika and sisa are all words that mean flower!

#2: The bright side

When the conditions are just right, rain showers bring us a beautiful rainbow. This rainbow is blessing St Mary’s School at our Kawambwa sponsor site in Zambia. It was spotted on the eve of classes re-opening after Christmas break, surely a sign of God’s love for the children.

#1: Marveling at creation

Sr. Sheeba is a Sister of the Cross of Chavanod at Chalice’s Assam sponsor site in India. The region where they serve is renowned for its colorful clothing, and just as colourful (and diverse) natural ecosystem. The Sisters in Assam provide educational and rehabilitative services to the children in the communities, with a special focus on improved mobility and independence of children with disabilities. With such a busy workload, it’s important to stop and smell the flowers and marvel at God’s masterpiece.

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