It takes a village

Judith, her daughter Eunice, and other children are incredibly grateful for the support following the devastating flood

Kokise village, located near the beautiful Lake Victoria in Kenya, boasts a strong, close-knit community. Along with the help of Chalice donors, this supportive group jumped in to support Eunice, a child sponsored through our Asembo site, after her family experienced a devastating flood last spring.

Eunice’s widowed mother, Judith, supports her seven children’s basic needs through buying and selling fish and selling extra crops grown on her property. Her farm and house were both very close to the lake. Last year during the rainy season, Lake Victoria’s water reached record levels and overflowed, claiming Judith’s home and land in a terrible flood.

Because boarding schools were closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Eunice and her six siblings were all home the night of the flood. Thankfully, the entire family escaped unharmed.

The entire village rallied around Judith and her family. Because the land she owned is vulnerable to future flooding, the family was given a new parcel of land higher up, partly donated by a one individual and partly paid for by the rest of the community.

The new home’s higher location will prevent future flooding

Along with friends and families, her Chalice Family Circle also raised money to help pay other expenses, while her congregation assisted with titles and land ownership costs.

Once this was in place, our generous Chalice donors quickly worked to raise over $8,000 CAD to build the family a three-room home and replace essential household goods lost in the flood. The community is also helping build an external kitchen and latrine.

The site and community continue to assist the family through prayer and emotional support.

“On behalf of Judith’s family and the Asembo community, I hereby send our sincere gratitude to you dear sponsors,” says Sr. Jacinta, the director of our Asembo site. “Your love, kindness and support during this critical period will remain in the hearts of our people for many years to come. We thank you and continue to pray for you.”

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