Photo Friday: Our top 5 “new life” photos!

Welcome to Photo Friday! Each Friday, we share photo collections of our favourite shots from our sponsor sites around the world.

Easter is a time to celebrate new life! As the winter melts into spring and the first flowers unfurl from the earth, we are filled with hope. New life abounds in our sites in many forms, and our dedicated site staff work to nurture them all into an abundant harvest. Our top 5 new life photos celebrate the hope of Easter and a new and brighter tomorrow!

#4: Starting life out right

Pregnant and breast-feeding moms need to be extra mindful that they are getting a complete diet rich in vitamins and minerals. In rural Kenya, mothers-to-be and new moms were facing malnutrition and it was affecting their babies. Thanks to generous supporters of Chalice’s nutrition fund, the Sisters who run our Mercy Care site provided 388 mothers with a complete package of nutritional staples they need to stay strong. All the pregnant mothers involved delivered healthy babies, and the babies gained weight properly. The breast-feeding babies were stronger, more active and healthy!

#4: Small chicks, big dreams

Jesús is a very cheerful boy who lives with his parents in Guatemala. Jesús’s mom heard about our Luis Amigo site through some neighbours, and the Sisters had Jesús paired with a sponsor in no time. A few years later, the Sisters offered the family a chance to start a new livelihood project: keeping chickens! The family was very excited to start raising chicks for eggs and income.

#3: A new lease on life

Children in rural Tanzania often walk many kilometres each way to attend school. It is tiring and time-consuming, and can be a deterrent to attending school at all. A bicycle represents a new life – access to resources further away, and fewer barriers to their education. The world gets instantly much bigger!

#2: New friends, new ambitions!

The Chalice Family Circle “Altruism” is quite a new group, formed in June 2019. The group is comprised of parents of sponsored children from all different backgrounds. They’re eager to start new income generating projects; so far, some ideas include a frozen yogurt business, and rug making!

The parents are enthusiastic about the sponsorship program, and express that it’s relief to be able to afford the children’s’ school materials. They’ve all learned so much together as a group, and have grown close in friendship! They all want to send their personal thanks to their sponsors for opening these doors, and intend to write them letters to express their gratitude.

#1: Sprouting farmers

Gardening teaches children how to care for their little seedlings watch their rewards grow right in front of their eyes! The children at the Open Centre in our CMAVIL site never get tired of seeing their tiny seeds sprout up from the earth. They know that with patience, they will soon have their fruits (or veggies) of their labours on the table for their daily lunch.

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