The gift of stoves feeds and warms families in Ukraine


At our Ternopil site in Ukraine, the modern gift of electric stoves are keeping families fed and cozy year-round in the comfort of their homes.

In Canada, stoves are essential household appliances that many families rely on daily to cook safe, convenient meals. In rural Ukraine, however, cooking can be much more complicated. “In many villages, people rely solely on wood stoves or furnaces for cooking,” says Luba, our Ternopil site director. “The furnace is heated daily all year round for cooking or warming up meals.”

Heating a wood stove or furnace is time consuming and high maintenance . It’s especially worrisome for families with young children who can accidently be burned by the hot stove if left unattended. The stove also heats the entire home, which is uncomfortable in the summer months.

Ivanna, a mother of three from our Ternopil site, was constantly managing a wood stove to cook while she stayed home to care for the children. Her husband, Andriy, was often out of the home working seasonal jobs during the day. The gift of an electric stove, donated through our gift catalogue, has been an incredible blessing for the family!

“Ivanna now uses the electric stove to cook, which takes much less time than the furnace,” says Luba. “The eldest daughter is able to safely warm up meals when her mother is out.” Best of all, the new stove has a built-in oven, which has opened up a world of opportunity for Ivanna. She’s now able to use her baking skills within her home, and is taking baking orders from nearby villagers! She’s overjoyed to earn extra income for her children.

It’s so incredible how such a simple gift can greatly improve the day-to-day life of an entire family. We offer our sincere gratitude for the kindness and generosity you show our families through these thoughtful and loving gestures. Thank you!

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