Our top 5 “winter-themed” photos!

Welcome to Photo Friday! Each Friday, we share photo collections of our favourite shots from our sponsor sites around the world.

We’re about to head in February, and in Canada, winter weather has settled in. Cold temperatures, high winds, and snow are now frequent; but so are the cozy parts of winter, such as warm drinks, hot meals with friends or family, and cuddling up with a favourite blanket! Even though it’s not currently winter at all of our sponsor sites, we’ve compiled this collection of our top 5 “winter-themed” photos to bring you a little bit of winter cheer.

Though not all of our sponsor sites experience winter weather, some do! Northern areas of Ukraine experience even colder temperatures than Canada, and parts of Africa, Peru, and Bolivia experience chilly weather and snowfall. We’re so grateful that thanks to your support through sponsorship and gift catalogue donations, vulnerable children and families receive warm clothing and heating supplies to keep them comfortable during the winter.

#5: Winter waves!

These little ones from our Pochaiv site in Ukraine are enjoying a schoolyard break outdoors during one particularly snowy winter! They don’t seem to mind the cold at all, thanks to their fluffy winter coats and warm winter hats. We love their enthusiasm- their teacher seems to, too!

#4: Bundled in blankets!

What’s cozier than bundling up in a warm, fuzzy blanket? This little boy from our Imphal site in India is all smiles wrapped in a blanket of his own! Even though his region doesn’t experience a winter quite like ours, this blanket will keep him warm in the cooler months. Children and families all over the world are so thankful for the gift of blankets given through our gift catalogue!

#3: Cozy hot cocoa

Did you know that in Peru, hot chocolate is an incredibly popular drink, even in warm weather? Since Peru is in the southern hemisphere, Christmastime falls in the summer months. However, Peruvians still enjoy tons of hot chocolate, or chocolatada over the holidays! Peruvian hot chocolate is made with delicious chocolate, rich milk, cinnamon and spices, and is served with treats. Last Christmas at our PINIFE site’s celebrations, sponsored children were thrilled to receive their own supplies to make chocolatada!

#2: Layered up

Our Leventate Mujer site in Bolivia is one area where we work that experiences colder temperatures during their winter months. Warm winter clothing such as hats, vests, and sweaters keep children cozy and protected from the cold! This little boy is ready for a chilly day in a layered vest and adorable yet functional toque.

#1: Warm winter meals

There’s nothing like enjoying a warm, homecooked meal after a cold winter’s day! This little girl from our Pochaiv site in Ukraine is learning how to make fresh perogies with her mom. This traditional Ukrainian dish is made by stuffing fresh dough with potatoes, and sometimes add-ins like cheese and bacon! This family is overjoyed to have a stove to make and enjoy family meals thanks to the kindness of our donors.

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