Meals made with love: Maria finds fulfilment in her career

Maria, a former sponsored child from our Pochaiv site in Ukraine, is finding great joy and fulfilment in her busy profession as a cook after recently graduating from trade school!

Maria is no stranger to a busy schedule. She comes from a bustling family of five children. Every day, Maria’s father would head to work early in the morning, while her mother would stay home and care for the young children in the home. Even though Maria’s father worked full time, the family still lived in poverty due to his low income. Determined to help to the best of her ability, Maria always pitched in with the household chores. As soon as she was finished, she’d start crocheting! She would diligently knit sweaters to sell to contribute towards household bills.

One year, Maria’s mother heard of Chalice’s sponsorship program, and applied for assistance. When Maria was chosen by a sponsor, she was so happy! From then on, she was able to attend school with supplies, buy books, and attend study groups. “She grew up hardworking and persistent. She wanted to achieve a lot in life because sponsorship motivated her,” says Halyna, our Pochaiv site director.

Maria was sponsored for over 15 years. The support, love, and encouragement she received was beyond measure. After high school, she was able to attend trade school for cooking. She was blessed to find a job after graduation as a cook at a school she once attended as a child.

So far, Maria is performing well in her new job. “Maria is very capable and she creates her own dishes,” says Halyna. “Everyone who eats food cooked by her says that it is a culinary masterpiece!”

Better yet, Maria is finding deep fulfilment in her work. Every day, she goes to work feeling happy. She affirms that dreams come true when you have a kind heart and persistence. We’re so proud of everything she’s accomplished!

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