Photo Friday: Our top 5 “Grow Faith” photos!

Welcome to Photo Friday! Each Friday, we share photo collections of our favourite shots from our sponsor sites around the world.

Faith thrives in strong, supportive communities. We aim to encourage the faith of our Chalice family around the world, whether it be through sharing the Word of God, through prayer, by encouraging our Sisters and priests, or by giving and children and families the chance to believe in hope and the love of Jesus.

This week, we’re sharing our top 5 “Grow Faith” photos of children, families, and staff at our sites growing and sharing their faith! We are so inspired by the outpouring of resilience and hope we see from our Chalice family each day!

#5: Spread the word

In Catholic communities such as our CMAVIL site in Villeta, Paraguay, a bible is a treasured gift. Family circles meet for passage readings and reflections to grow and share in their faith journeys. In 2018, it was our site’s goal to provide each of our sponsored families with a bible to encourage daily reading of the Word of God.

In total, 284 families from our CMAVIL site received a bible of their own. They met at the Virgen del Rosaria de Villeta Church to celebrate the occasion!

#4: Celebrating our priests

Fr. Jose is a member of the Carmelite Brothers of Mary Immaculate (CMI) from India. He’s also our current site director for our Baraka site in Kenya! In addition to facilitating our sponsorship program, his congregation runs a large farm where many Chalice family circles grow crops to sell for an income.

The Brothers constructed a community hall for the sponsored families’ to hold their meetings, performances, workshops and celebrations. They also run a retreat centre where they invite guests from around the world to find spiritual refreshment through prayer. They’re truly an asset to their local faith community!

#3: Hold vigil

One year, a powerful volcanic eruption lasting over 16 hours devastated areas of south-central Guatemala. Our Chalice sites weren’t affected, but the disaster was felt in the hearts of all. Chalice family at our Totonicapán subsite gathered together in support and solidarity to pray for all of the victims.

#2: Praying for you

At our sites, sponsored children and families often take special care to pray for their precious sponsors in Canada. At celebrations, gatherings, and at home, heartfelt prayers of appreciation are given to honour of the love and commitment of their sponsors.

When children get older, many express how they carry these prayers forward in their hearts daily, and still pray for their sponsors today, years after graduating from our sponsorship program.

#1: Circles of support

When a child is sponsored, their parent or guardian joins a family circle; this helps teach them about budgeting and the best use of sponsorship funds. Family circles also pray together and are a source of spiritual and emotional support in times of need. Groups support each other and the community at large. They grow together in faith, confidence and friendship!

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