Sponsorship builds communities- brick by brick

In Haiti, life is a daily struggle. Some families may have a small amount of food in their home for a daily meal, but most don’t. Each day is uncertain. Will they be able to find a way to earn some money today? Will their kids go hungry again?

Sponsorship gives parents a little security and the peace of mind to know they can meet the basic needs of their family. Since the implementation of our family funding model, which deposits funds directly into each family’s bank account, parents are learning how to budget and save. Understanding their finances gives parents the confidence to plan for their future.

Ange-Dala is a bright and cheerful sponsored girl from our Haiti North sponsor site. Before she was sponsored, her family struggled each day, and life was full of uncertainty. Now, her family receives sponsorship benefits which are used for her school needs and food. A small sum is also saved to buy cement and sand to make bricks. Over time, brick by brick, Ange-Dala’s family has turned their small, cramped two-room mud house into a four-room house that is safer and has enough room to accommodate all six family members.

The house still isn’t complete, but every month they grow closer to their goal. Once the house is finished , they will then work towards saving for new project or item, which will continue to raise their quality of life.

Just like this house, our sponsorship program works together with other Chalice projects and programs to build stronger families and communities, brick by brick. When a child is sponsored and they can attend school, or because their school needs are covered, their sibling can now attend school, too. Their family can now budget and purchase basic necessities, secure in the knowledge that sponsorship money can be steadily relied upon. Through membership in their Chalice family circle, parents learn the importance of saving and how to start their own small business, which brings confidence and security to the family. More businesses mean that community members can now access products and services within their own communities, giving local families a much needed economic boost!

As we layer in other programs like school feeding, gift catalogue, and projects that build safer homes, sanitary latrines, schools, wells, and community centers, the impact becomes exponential.

Brick by brick, with sponsorship at the core, lives are changed each and every day. Thank you for everything that you do, thank you for your support, and thank you for bringing Christ to the poor and the poor to Christ.

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