Sponsorship helps Shaheda set up shop

On a calm March day in 1995, little Shaheda was born to her joyful parents in the town of Wa, Ghana. Soon after she was born, Shaheda’s parents discovered that she had a hearing impairment, a disability she would live with for her entire life. Despite her disability, her parents tried to give her the best life they could. Unfortunately, accommodations for her needs proved expensive on top of the poverty they already faced living in a poor rural community.

With the support of sponsorship, Shaheda was able to attend Wa School for the Deaf, a specialized school where students receive an education tailored to their needs. Here, she was able to focus on her studies and receive the attention she needed to excel in class. She then attended St. John’s Integrated Senior High School, where she graduated with good marks. Her best grades were in Food and Nutrition courses!

Shaheda proved to be multitalented, but had one specific passion; sewing and modeling clothing. Her keen mind and eye for detail would be perfect to start a career in this field! Her loving sponsor continued to support Shaheda while she attended trade school. When she completed her training, Shaheda used extra savings from direct family funding to establish her shop, which she currently owns and operates.

Now that Shaheda has grown and owns a business of her own, she has retired from our sponsorship program to make room for another child in need of support. She will forever be thankful to her sponsor for the success she’s found in her life.

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