Photo Friday: Our top 5 summer photos!

Welcome to Photo Friday! Each Friday, we share photo collections of our favourite shots from our sponsor sites around the world.

Here in Canada, summer’s now in full swing. Here’s to warm weather and fun times with friends and family! This week, we’re featuring our top 5 summer photos we’ve collected at our sites. Depending on global location, our site’s summers may not be at the same time as ours. All summers, however, all have one thing in common; lots of sunny weather!

#5: Smart sun protection

For children with albinism, sun protection is an absolute necessity. Many children at our Kawambwa site in Zambia must wear sun hats and sunscreen during the summer months to protect their sensitive skin and eyes. This protective gear helps them enjoy warm days without worry.

#4: Cool and refreshing

There’s nothing like a splash of cool, refreshing water on a scorcher of a day! These students from our Mbinga site in Tanzania are thoroughly enjoying their school’s water system, provided by kind Chalice donors. Now, there’s plenty of water to go around!

#3: Go long!

In Paraguay, peak summer months are from December to February; quite the contrast to the weather here at that time in Canada! These bright, sunny days are the perfect chance to get outside and play some football, which is just what this boy from our CMAVIL site had in mind.

#2: Climbing kids

In the Philippines, summer is known as the “dry season,” and happens from March to May. During this time, the weather is warm and sunny, and storms and typhoons are at a minimum. Each summer, children at our Tondo site in the Philippines participate in a community-wide sports festival, filled with games, prizes, and fun! During the festival, the kids also get the chance to use playground structures to their heart’s content.

#1: Well water for wellbeing

Twin boys Valentyn and Mykhaylo live with their mom and dad near our Ternopil site in Ukraine. Every summer, the family’s well would dry up, leaving them with no access to clean water for drinking, cooking, or bathing. Thanks to a special donation, the family had their well deepened! It now stays filled with water even on the hottest days.

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