Photo Friday: Our top 5 dad photos!

Welcome to Photo Friday! Each Friday, we share photo collections of our favourite shots from our sponsor sites around the world.

This weekend is Father’s Day, a time to honour the dads, grandpas, and father figures in our lives. We’re sharing our top 5 dad photos that we’ve collected at our sites! Time and time again, we’ve seen incredible strength and kindness from fathers of our sponsored children, and are overjoyed to share some precious moments with you.

#5: Safe in papa’s arms

On our most recent mission trip to our CMAVIL site in Paraguay, this adorable dad and daughter duo came out to attend a celebration to welcome our mission team! At this sponsor site, there are many Chalice family circles comprised of dads, moms, and guardians. They’ve been quite successful these past few years!

#4: Dad’s greatest blessings

We love this photo of this dad with his beaming kids! Nazar lives in Ukraine with his wife and five young children. Recently, the family took a risk and bought a semi-demolished old house in the village. They did their best to remodel the house on their limited income. A gift through our catalogue helped them replace their leaking roof! Nazar is so happy that he now has a safe home for his family.

#3: Father planning for the future

Though most of our Chalice family circles are comprised of mothers of sponsored children, there are many fathers who step into this role! Family circle meetings happen once a month, and help parents plan and budget their sponsorship funds. This dad is a leader in his group, and is reminding parents to create a budget and stick to it over this past Christmas season.

#2: Precious family photo

This lovely family is from our Samar site in the Philippines. The oldest child on the right is actually the mom’s 14-year-old brother, who she and her husband are raising alongside their two children. This mom and dad express their heartfelt gratitude to their child’s sponsor for helping them make ends meet!

#1: Crazy hair day

Wow, look at those locks! This dad and baby from our Tamil site in India are posing in front of their new home that they received from kind donors through our gift catalogue! We adore their sweet smiles, and that crazy baby hair!

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