Dad from Ternopil inspires sons to shine

Parental support is incredibly important for the stability and happiness of growing children. When kids are encouraged to succeed by parents, grandparents, or other relatives, they feel inspired to achieve their goals. A father from our Ternopil site in Ukraine inspires and encourages his sons each day to pursue their talents in the welding trade.

Volodymyr, a bright and ambitious teenager from Ternopil, lives with his mom, dad, and younger brother. He’s currently in grade 11, and is eagerly looking forward to starting his career as a welder when he graduates. He was inspired to enter the trade by his father, Myron, who himself is a talented and respected welder in the community.

When Myron was a young man, he learned how to weld in order to find a stable employment. When he married and had a family, he continued to work, but faced issues when his equipment would break. Repairs are expensive, and any extra money had to go towards feeding his family.

When his son Volodymyr was chosen by a Chalice sponsor, it gave Myron and his wife and opportunity to save some money and invest in Myron’s business. The entire family was deeply touched by the gift of a new welding machine donated through our gift catalogue! Thanks to the new, reliable welding machine, Myron was able to resume work and continued to teach his sons the skills of his trade.

Over the years, Myron has spent countless hours with his boys working on all sorts of welding projects. “So far, they’ve made a swing, fence, seeder, and trailer together,” says Luba, our Ternopil site director. Now that Volodymyr is older, he plans to spend even more time practicing with his father to hone his skills. He hopes to earn enough from selling his welding projects to afford tuition to trade school to become a professional welder. He’s already sold a beautiful handmade wine holder to contribute to his goal!

Volodymyr and his family are grateful for the kind gift, and for all of the support they’ve received through Chalice donors. “You have given our family much more than a welding machine,” Volodymyr expresses. “You have given me belief in myself, and I greatly appreciate that. Thank you!”

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