Photo Friday: Our top 5 sporty photos

Welcome to Photo Friday! Each Friday, we share photo collections of our absolute favourite shots from our sponsor sites around the world.

It’s warming up here in Canada, and the weather is perfect for all sorts of fun outdoor activities! Sports and games are popular among children from every part of the world. At our sponsor sites, kids love to play sports and spend time outside. This week, we’re sharing our top 5 sporty photos from our sites. These fun-filled photos are sure to make you smile!

#5: A little rain never hurt anybody

Despite the rain, mission volunteers and site staff spent a morning playing the beautiful game (soccer) with sponsored children and their siblings at our CMAVIL site in Paraguay. The children’s energy was incredible- it was a challenge to get them to stop long enough to get a team photo!

#4: Jump on it!

Who says that fun is just for kids? Sr. Merilise shows students her skip-rope prowess as they play together in Jeremie, Haiti. From the huge smiles on their faces, it seems that she and the children are having a wonderful time!

#3: Handy handballs

Having a vision impairment doesn’t stop the girls at St Mary’s School for the Visually Impaired in Kawambwa, Zambia, from playing their favorite sport: handball! Many of the partially-sighted students can play handball and soccer without needing any adaptations. For children with complete vision loss, they play with a beeping ball. Now, that’s a handy workaround!

#2: Sun, smiles, and sports

Sports Day is one of the most anticipated days of the year at our Tondo site in the Philippines. Hundreds of sponsored children and their siblings gather at a nearby game field and play games in the sunshine for hours. The whole neighborhood rocks with the music, cheers and laughter erupting from the playing field. These children are engaged in a serious game of tug-of-war. You can feel their competitive spirits just from looking at the photo!

#1: Having a ball!

This sure looks like fun! These children from our Mbinga site in Tanzania are thrilled to play catch and keep-away with a simple, small ball. The whole schoolyard is ringing with excitement and laughter. Just look at that jump! That’s 10 points- we think!

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