Monthly Archives: April 2020

Photo Friday: Our top 5 silly photos!

Welcome to our very first Photo Friday! Each Friday for the foreseeable future, we’ll be sharing photo collections of our absolute favourite shots from our sponsor sites around the world! We hope that these fun collections will bring you some joy in these uncertain times.

This week, we’re sharing our top 5 silly photos that we’ve gathered from our sites! Just like kids anywhere, the kids from our sites love to laugh and joke around (the adults too!) We were lucky enough to capture these silly shots for you to enjoy.

#5: Funny faces at breakfast 

This little girl from our Haiti North site just couldn’t resist showing off some funny faces to our photographer. She’s enjoying a boiled egg as a part of our daily breakfast program to keep kids fueled throughout the school day!

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Helping neighbours in need during pandemic restrictions

Since the declaration of the COVID-19 pandemic, Chalice staff and supporters in Canada have been concerned for the safety and well-being of children, families and staff members at our sites around the world. There are undoubtedly some very challenging situations in the communities we serve, but as often happens, this crisis has brought forward acts of solidarity and compassion.

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Sponsored families can rely on family funding amidst pandemic

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are being felt across the entire globe, and our sponsor sites are not exempt. Border closures, job shutdowns, and food shortages are disproportionally affecting the poorest in our global community, many of whom already face dire circumstances on the best of days. Sponsorship, thankfully, has been providing a lifeline for families in need struggling throughout this pandemic.

Even though many of our site offices are currently closed, families are still able to rely on the support of sponsorship funds. Thanks to our unique family funding model, sponsorship funds are sent directly to the bank accounts of sponsored families, so they are still able to access much-needed financial support.

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Strength, confidence and dreams for the future

Our STAR site in India works with many rural communities in the state of Tamil Nadu. A great deal of families in these communities are affected with stigmatized illnesses, which makes it difficult for them find work and housing. Our site also works with many children living with cognitive and physical disabilities. With the right support, these children are able to access essential resources that help them succeed in school, such as nutritious food, medical care, and tutoring! Venkateswari, a young lady currently in our sponsorship program, is a shining example of how the strength and potential of each child can be encouraged through love and support.

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