Thanja scores in top 0.1% on national exams

Thanja, a sponsored child from our Imphal site in India, just scored in the top 0.1% on his national high school graduation exams, placing 23rd out of 37,138 students.

A shy village boy, Thanja grew up lacking basic necessities. Before he was sponsored, he had no hope of pursuing education, and limited his dreams. With sponsorship, Thanja was able to attend school, receive proper care, and start planning for his future.

Thanja scored excellent marks in every subject, with math, science, social studies, and computer science being his strongest scores. “It is a huge achievement to place 23rd out of so many thousands of students who appeared at the examination,” says Ringlen, a program coordinator at our Imphal site.

“It is a proud moment for his family and community to recognize his incredible achievement,” Ringlen smiles. “It is also an eye opener and encouragement to the other sponsored children to achieve this feat.”

Our Imphal site is organizing a small celebration to encourage Thanja and boost his spirit to achieve even greater heights in his future endeavors. Thanja shared that he would one day like to join the IAS (Indian Administration Service), the highest civil service in India. He also wishes to provide help and encouragement to children growing up in poverty, just as he did.

“Thanja shares his happiness and immense gratitude with a teary eyes of heartfelt happiness to everyone who helped give him this opportunity,” Ringlen says. “Thank you!”

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