Rosemarie’s talent for teaching

Rosemarie, from Bulacan, Philippines, is the youngest of three children. Both of her parents worked very hard, but barely earned enough to put food on the table. Many days, Rosemarie would go to school without eating anything for the entire day.

While she was still in elementary school, Rosemarie was selected by a Chalice sponsor. Her determination and competitive spirit were fueled even further with the support of sponsorship. Her many talents, such as dancing, drawing, and playing musical instruments were honed by joining school activities. She was a shining star in the classroom, and achieved top marks until she graduated.

Rosemarie’s love of music continued throughout her high school and college years. She’s a gifted violinist and guitarist, and can read music fluently. While she was studying her Bachelor of Education degree, she tutored children in music on the side. She spent the income from tutoring on her education and living costs.

In 2016, Rosemarie graduated and fulfilled her aspirations to join the teaching community. Today, she works as a student adviser at Liceo de Bethlehem elementary, the school that she first attended when she was a little girl. This year, she will take her teacher’s license exam to become a full-fledged professional teacher.

Never forgetting her roots, Rosemarie sends a portion of her salary to her parents to help pay their household expenses. One day, she hopes that she can run a school as a school principal, offering her guidance and knowledge to growing students.

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