Donors raise $8,518 for homes destroyed by heavy rain

Our Mercy Care site is located in the Mwingi region of Kenya. This area is dry and arid, and usually receives very little rain. Last spring, however, unusually heavy rainfall drenched the region. The soft, dry soil was heavily eroded, devastating farms and roads. Many homes and structures were extensively damaged, as they were not built to withstand rainstorms.

With families and children left vulnerable, we scrambled to provide makeshift shelters. Other families in the community generously offered to share their small homes with displaced families. One of the most affected families was a family of five left homeless, as their entire house collapsed.

Due to the many houses affected, we launched a critical needs fund to replace three of the most damaged homes in the area. The homes we selected had no hope of being repaired, and the families were the most vulnerable and at risk of remaining permanently homeless without intervention.

The quick and loving response from our donors allowed us to raise $8,518 to construct the three homes swiftly. As soon as we received the funds, work began immediately. Our site staff sought out contractors to build the homes, and began making plans for construction.

The roads leading to the homes were still damaged and in extremely poor condition. This made it difficult to deliver materials to the construction sites, causing delays. The community came together to help repair the most damaged roads, eventually enabling trucks and carts carrying materials to reach the sites.

Once construction was underway, everyone pitched in to get the job done as quickly as possible, since some of the families were spending the nights shuffling between houses in the community, or out in the cold and wind.

“The families were so glad when they received their new houses,” says Sr. Francelit, our Mercy Care site director. “We’d like to thank everyone, especially our dear donors, for contributing to the success of this project.”

“The community has been working on repairing other homes, and we hope to construct a few more houses next year to improve the poor living conditions of some of our other sponsored families,” Sr. Francelit says. ” “Thank you, and may God bless you as we join hands in answering the call to serve Him through the work we do.”

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