Yana’s acting skills blossom on stage

Yana, from our Ternopil Site in Ukraine, grew up living with her mom, dad, and sister. The family was rich in love, but struggled to stay afloat financially. Yana’s mother suffered from a chronic neurological disorder known as chorea, and spent most of her time at the hospital receiving medical treatments.

Since the family lived in a rural area, it was difficult for Yana’s father to find full-time, year-round work. He took many odd labour jobs, working nearly every day to provide for his daughters and pay for his wife’s medical bills.

When Yana was six years old, she was chosen for Chalice sponsorship. The support offered a great deal of relief to the small family, and they were finally able to live comfortably.

Two years ago, when Yana was 11, the family was stricken with grief when Yana’s mother unfortunately passed away. After her mother’s death, the family moved in with Yana’s elderly grandparents.It was an extremely difficult time for Yana and her sister, who were very close to their mother.

Through the support and love she received from her family, her sponsor, and from her Chalice site, Yana found the strength to process her grief and focus on her future.With newfound focus, Yana discovered she had a talent for acting. She joined a local drama club and began performing regularly, and is gifted in both tragic and comic roles.

Thanks to her club’s hard work and dedication, they are able to travel all over the country performing plays at different festivals. Last year Yana and three of her friends received awards for best acting performances through the festivals!

Recently, Yana decided to try her hand as a playwright. She, along with her best friend, wrote a play called “Coats adventures, or almost a detective story”. The play was performed at a famous folk festival in Kozoa and was a great success!

Yana also attends art school, plays the piano, and is an excellent student at school. Her future is filled with possibility! “We are so proud of Yana,” says Luba, our Ternopil site director. “We know she’ll be able to believe in herself and keep going!”

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