Jyothi’s Family Circle benefits from her strong leadership

As a part of our child sponsorship program, we strive to empower caregivers. With the proper support, mothers and guardians can identify and decide what their child needs to thrive. We provide education and resources directly to the child’s primary caregiver so that they, in turn, can meet their child’s needs.

Overcoming poverty is an enormous challenge, and caregivers often feel alone in their struggle. To remedy their isolation, caregivers are organized into Family Circles, and are paired with Chalice field workers. Every month, the Family Circles gather to discuss needs and priorities for their families, and decide together how to best use their sponsorship funds.

Sindhu, a sponsored child from Mangalagiri, India, lives with her mother, Jyothi. When Sindhu was sponsored, Jyothi was very excited to join her own Family Circle. She started out as a regular member, but after many years of demonstrating hard work and leadership, was chosen to become the circle’s leader.

Jyothi works hard as the circle leader to keep the group united. She attends every meeting, undergoes specialized leadership training from our site staff, and encourages other parents and guardians in their efforts.

When Jyothi’s Family Circle discovered that many of their children, especially girls, were suffering from anemia, the group felt responsible to take action. They met to discuss possible ways they could treat and prevent anemia in their children, while keeping within the budget set for each family.

Jyothi then had a brilliant idea. She volunteered to prepare samples of a multigrain malt powder she knows how to make, so that parents could try it. The powder, called Navadania, is extremely nutritious- it provides essential nutrients often not found in standard diets in India, and strengthens immune systems.

After trying the malt powder for a few weeks, the group decided to make it a regular part of their children’s diets! The cost is very low, so the parents are able to purchase enough for their children to have a daily dose.

Jyothi is thrilled that her idea worked, and empowered by her ability to make a difference in her circle group. We hope that by continuing to encourage Family Circles, more parents and mothers like Jyothi will feel empowered and be able to make proactive choices in their children’s lives.

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