A light in the darkness: Rupali’s new dream

Rupali, from our Assam site in India, lives with her parents, older sister, and younger brother. Her parents are incredibly hard working, and do everything they can for their children. Her father, Pobin, drives others around in a rickshaw for a living. Even though he’s in poor health, he works nearly every day to make ends meet. Rupali’s mother also works selling small items on the side of the road for extra income.

Despite their dedication and hard work, Rupali’s parents still don’t make enough to support their family. They never received a formal education, making it difficult to find higher paying jobs in the competitive local economy. The family doesn’t own their own land, and struggle to pay rent and afford basic needs.

Rupali’s parents desperately wished for their children to have what they didn’t- the chance at a quality education. When Rupali was in grade six, she was sponsored through Chalice. Thanks to sponsorship, Rupali and her siblings were able to receive basic needs, including much needed school supplies. Rupali was also able to attend tutoring for her weak subjects. Her parents were filled with joy, and so grateful that their children were getting a better education.

In the past, Rupali didn’t always enjoy school, and struggled in many classes. Thanks to the extra support and encouragement, Rupali took school more seriously, and her grades rose dramatically.

Rupali now has a new dream for the future- she wishes more than anything to become a designer. She’s now in high school, and is preparing diligently to study design. Her older sister has already gone on to university, and is doing well in her first year.

Even though her house has no electricity, Rupali and her younger brother study hard, fueled by their dreams for a better future and by the light of a kerosene lamp. Rupali hopes that when she becomes a designer, that she’ll be able to help her ailing father and look after her mother. She is forever grateful to her sponsor for the support, and promises to keep working hard towards her dreams.

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