Borehole well brings life to school in rural Ghana

In northern Ghana, it’s often incredibly difficult for children to attend school. Lack of transportation, public services, and food insecurity all prevent children from attending class. Many young adults move to the prospering southern towns, leading to a further lack of teachers and services.

For over ten years, Chalice has been working in northern Ghana to help bring education, food, and safety to vulnerable children and their families. In 2013, Chalice partnered with the Wa School for the Deaf to help provide even further services to children in need.

St. Don-Bosco special school, built in 2016, is a sub-campus of Wa School for the Deaf which caters specifically to children with intellectual disabilities. The school has 102 teenage students, many of whom are sponsored through Chalice. The students thrive despite their disabilities, and are learning trades such as making soap, detergent, sandals, and beads, and gardening and animal rearing.

Due to its rural location, the school faces its fair share of challenges. Water and sanitation has been an ongoing issue. It’s a monumental task to provide enough safe, clean drinking water for the students, and hard to find enough water for the crops and animals on campus.

Thanks to donors through our gift catalogue, the school recently received a new borehole well! “We offer our profound gratitude for this timely and much needed gift,” says Martina, the school’s headmaster. The school now has complete water security, and is able to provide water to all staff and students. ‘’Water is life and whoever that gives you water gives life!” beams Martina.

Thanks to their new water supply, the school also plans to extend their plantation of beautiful mango trees. The trees will add life to the property, offer protection to the buildings, and provide fruit for the children to eat. “Thank you so much for your generosity- and for hope,” says Martina.

Give the gift of a water project or water tank and bring life to another school or community in need.