Elder sponsorship brings joy to Viviana


When Viviana González was a little girl, she inherited a very special talent from her mother. She learned the beautiful art of weaving ñanduti, a rare, artisanal fabric found only in her hometown of Itauguá, Paraguay. Viviana’s still an avid weaver, and she doesn’t let her age of 81 slow her down.

Every morning, Viviana walks four kilometers to the market to stock up on crafting materials, and to buy herself enough food for her daily nutrition. Before she was sponsored, however, Vivian could barely afford what she needed to keep afloat.

Viviana is a sponsored elder, and receives support from our Don Bosco site in Paraguay. Similar to child sponsorship, elder sponsorship gives vulnerable elders access to nutritious food, health care, and better quality of life.

Loneliness and lack of self-worth can be a concern with elderly individuals, especially those living within the isolating grasp of poverty. Viviana has no children or family in the area. She, however, became extremely involved in her Chalice site’s events once she was sponsored. She met new friends, and is regularly visited at home by members of the “Enterprising Mothers” Chalice Family Circle. Viviana’s also an animal lover, and her pet cat and dog keep her company on the days she doesn’t have any visitors.


Viviana lives in a small home provided by the government. The simple structure lacked bathroom facilities, so she was overjoyed when a bathroom, funded by our Gift Catalogue, was built for her. She loves the comfort of her home, and spends many hours weaving in her favourite chair.

Recently, Viviana was honoured by her local Municipality as one of the oldest weavers in the community. She received special recognition for her expert technique, as she keeps the fabric in a fine thread, producing stunningly delicate and beautiful garments.

Viviana is deeply grateful for her Chalice sponsor, and for all the love and support she receives from her community. She hopes to continue her weaving passion for years to come.


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