Paul’s Path to Success

Paul was born in 1993 in Yuornuur, a small farming community in the Wa district of Ghana, Africa. Paul’s parents were peasant farmers, and worked incredibly hard to make ends meet. However, they struggled to feed their family, and couldn’t provide Paul’s basic needs. Paul was eventually sent away from his family to live with his uncle, in hopes that he could have a better life.

Paul was accepted into Chalice’s sponsorship program at a time when he truly needed blessings. Sponsorship allowed Paul to attend school, where he began to dream about the future. He loved watching his teachers share their knowledge, and wanted to grow up to do the same. His dream of becoming a teacher pushed him to focus on his studies.

Paul’s marks at his local school were so good that he was invited to attend St. Cyperian Minor Seminary, a private school focused on general arts education. This school’s specialized curriculum prepares students for post-secondary studies. Sponsorship helped Paul pay tuition fees, and he was able to focus on his studies without worrying. He graduated in 2013 with flying colours.

With the preparation he received from St. Cyperian, Paul was able to attend the Bagabaga Teacher’s College, where he majored in French. He completed the course 2016. Soon after, Paul was offered a teaching position at the local junior high school, and has been teaching French there ever since.


“I express my heartfelt gratitude to Chalice for the success I’ve had in my life,” Paul smiles. “I was able to achieve my goals without so much worry, thanks to my sponsor.” Paul wishes to one day to travel to a francophone country to continue his French studies, so that he can be an even better teacher to his precious students.

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