asembowaterlargeDue to prolonged drought conditions and changing weather patterns, many of our sites face poor access to clean water. We've been working diligently to develop water projects to meet the needs of the communities where we work.

Our site in Asembo, Kenya was formed in 2011 and is currently managed by the Franciscan Sisters of Lwak community. The communities near our site are located in one of the poorest areas of the country, Families are heavily reliant on agriculture for an income, which can be negatively impacted by low and unpredictable rainfalls year round. There are also many orphaned and vulnerable children due to the high rates of HIV/AIDS and malaria.

In addition to running our sponsor site in East Asembo, the Franciscan Sisters live in West Asembo, where they run a number of facilities including a hospital, a primary and high school for girls, a nursery school, a primary school for both girls and boys, and a catering school.

Both areas suffer from a lack of access to a consistent clean water supply. Many families are barely able to meet their most basic water needs, and must fight for survival.

To help these communities, we've launched two water projects for the people of both East and West Asembo. Access to a clean and reliable water source will reduce illness, eliminate the need for women and children to walk hours each day to gather water and allow families to establish small vegetable gardens.

In East Asembo the project will assist the villages of Aduoyo and Kokise (with a combined population of 4100),  both of which have been by-passed by the existing water connection from the nearest water treatment plant. This new infrastructure will provide clean water for the communities and solve many problems associated with lack of water and water from unsafe sources. Six hundred families and three schools with a student registration totalling 1108 pupils from Aduoyo Primary, Ongielo Primary and Kokise Primary Schools will benefit directly from this water source.
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In West Asembo the project will provide a consistent and clean supply of water through the drilling of a borehole well and the installation of a pump and water tanks. The water will be piped to the convent, schools, hospital and the nearby community.
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World Water Day is March 22. For more information or to support one of these projects please click on the links above or call 1.800.776.6855.
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