Donate to the Chalice Disaster Relief Fund for Africa! A donation of $40 will provide enough maize, beans, oil, and powdered milk (and water in some cases) to feed a family. Immediate intervention will save lives! With your help Chalice hopes to feed 4,200 families. Food distributions will nourish sponsored families and rehabilitate devastated livelihoods. Food purchases will be documented according to Chalice regulation and distribution will be carried out according to World Health Organization standard rationing practices.
Chalice Disaster Relief - Africa Drought
Worsening drought conditions have reached crisis levels at several Chalice sponsor sites in Kenya and Tanzania. The Government of Kenya has declared a national drought emergency, with 23 of 47 counties affected. The number of people facing food insecurity has more than doubled - from 1.3 million to 2.7 million. Some 357,285 children and pregnant and lactating mothers are acutely malnourished.

We need your help to provide immediate food supplies to sponsored families and rehabilitate livelihoods. The sites affected are Rafiki, Mercy Care and Kangeta in Kenya; and Mbinga and Neema in Tanzania.

"Community members in Rikiau (Kangeta) currently have to walk 10 kilometres each way to fill jerry cans with water," explains Senior International Manager MaryAnne McKinnon. "The kids in school are lifeless, it's very sad. They're hungry and thirsty. The headmaster said that they haven't even hit the peak of the drought yet, so it's going to get worse."

Food prices are on the rise across the region, and malnutrition is above the emergency threshold in several locations. Stress from lack of water will continue to increase; distances to water and pasture will lengthen; milk production will fall even lower; and malnutrition will rise. In all sites, the short rains harvest in April and May is likely to be poor, even negligible.

With your help we can provide immediate food and water distribution and work on establishing permanent water solutions. You can donate online to our Disaster Fund or call us at 1-800-776-6855 today.

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In early February heavy rains in Peru resulted in severe hardship for Chalice families in the community of Chiclayo.

Chalice Disaster Relief - Helping Families in PeruThe intense rains produced floods which damaged many homes and destroyed others, especially among the poorest of people that live in adobe houses. To add to the misery, many households were hit with the loss of work due to the destruction in their community.

There is a desperate need for assistance with the purchase of food, materials to repair the homes, money to rent temporary housing for those who have lost their homes, and general materials such as clothing and mattresses.

pcc0217lrg2In total, there are 168 Chalice families that have been impacted. Our sponsor site has requested $40 per family for food and an additional $40 for 16 families living in extreme poverty. In addition, there are 30 non-sponsored families in need of emergency food assistance. There are 40 famililes in desperate need of assistance to repair their homes and the site has requested an average of $415 per family. Emergency funding is also needed for other miscellaneous items such as medicines, clothing, and relocation costs for families in the amount of $6,529.

Despite the hardships being experienced, our director says it is heartwarming to see solidarity among those impacted with a capacity for organization and the emergence of new leaders, especially among the women that have contributed in some way to counteract the effects of  this disaster. The total cost of the above items is $31,689 and our sponsor site director has come to Chalice for emergency assistance.

Funding Request: $31,689.00
Disaster Fund Code: PCC0217

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other Disaster Relief emergencies that may arise.

repair of two homes damaged in flooding, canete, peru

Family home of Chalice sponsored child Angeline following collapse of wallRecent high levels of precipitation in and around the area of the Chalice sponsor site in Canete, Peru have resulted in severe hardship for two families associated with Chalice. The unusual amount of precipitation led to the overflow of the Pocoto River as well as the San Miguel irrigation ditch in Canete.

The overflowing ditch resulted in severe damage to the home of 16-year-old sponsored child Angeline and her family of five. One of the walls of their modest dwelling, constructed of mud and bricks, collapsed. In addition the home of our translator (Kerwin) at Chalice translator points to the damage to the exterior of his homethe Canete Sponsor Site was severely damaged when the Pocoto River overflowed, resulting in damage to the walls and interior, including the furniture. There is a need for repairs for both properties as well as construction of a concrete wall to protect the home of Angeline.

Some of the work will be handled by the families, but the total cost is more than either family can handle so the Canete Sponsor Site Director has requested some assistance to help both families in the total amount of $1,515.

Funding Request: $1,515.00
Disaster Fund Code: PCC0517

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Please note that any donations the exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.



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