An unforgettable nightmare in the history of Kerala

   - An excerpt from an article submitted by Sr. Deepa, site director for Kerala

keralaflood1This year Kerala started receiving rain in mid-April. In April and May, the heavy rains were accompanied by thunder and lightning. From June to August, the rains were incessant, and didn't cease until August 20th. The heavy rains resulted in filling most of the dams to capacity. On August 8th, 310 mm of rain fell in a 24-hour period.

It is estimated that 10,000 km of roads are damaged. Cochin International Airport (India's fourth largest in terms of international traffic and the busiest in the state) suspended all operations. This was followed by the suspension of train and road traffic in some areas. 80% of the population has been cut off from electricity.

The area of Munnar, where the Chalice Kerala site is located, has been severely affected by flooding and landslides. There are eight relief camps in Munnar, where 700 people from 150 families have taken shelter. As well, 50 families have found shelter at relatives' homes in Tamilnadu. 200 more families have been affected by three months of continuous rainfall. They are unable to work, resulting in increased poverty and a lack of basic necessities. Among these 400 families, 75 are families of Chalice sponsored children.

It is our duty to stand with those affected families and stretch out helping hands to them. Hence, we intend to help these 400 families by providing food and provisions, which will sustain them for at least 10 to 15 days. Along with food, clothing and toiletries will also be provided for the immediate needs of those affected by the storms and flooding.

Funding Request: $10,000
Disaster Fund Code: IKK0918

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other Disaster Relief emergencies that may arise.


In early February heavy rains in Peru resulted in severe hardship for Chalice families in the community of Chiclayo.

Chalice Disaster Relief - Helping Families in PeruThe intense rains produced floods which damaged many homes and destroyed others, especially among the poorest of people that live in adobe houses. To add to the misery, many households were hit with the loss of work due to the destruction in their community.

There is a desperate need for assistance with the purchase of food, materials to repair the homes, money to rent temporary housing for those who have lost their homes, and general materials such as clothing and mattresses.

pcc0217lrg2In total, there are 168 Chalice families that have been impacted. Our sponsor site has requested $40 per family for food and an additional $40 for 16 families living in extreme poverty. In addition, there are 30 non-sponsored families in need of emergency food assistance. There are 40 famililes in desperate need of assistance to repair their homes and the site has requested an average of $415 per family. Emergency funding is also needed for other miscellaneous items such as medicines, clothing, and relocation costs for families in the amount of $6,529.

Despite the hardships being experienced, our director says it is heartwarming to see solidarity among those impacted with a capacity for organization and the emergence of new leaders, especially among the women that have contributed in some way to counteract the effects of  this disaster. The total cost of the above items is $31,689 and our sponsor site director has come to Chalice for emergency assistance.

Funding Request: $31,689.00
Disaster Fund Code: PCC0217

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other Disaster Relief emergencies that may arise.



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