Vicky worked as a social worker and was a valued member of the staff at our Bulacan Sponsor Site.
Chalice Critical Needs - Medical and Final Expenses for Vicky, PhilippinesShe was full of life and her positive attitude and smile were put to good use in motivating those with whom she worked.

This past August Vicky began to experience pain in her stomach and in early September, following some tests, she was diagnosed with Stage 4 Endometrial Cancer. She had her first chemotherapy session shortly after, but sadly passed away within one week of treatment.

Vicky's husband works at repairing heavy duty sewing machines and their only child, a daughter, has just graduated from college - this had been Vicky's dream. At the time of her passing, our sponsor site was in the process of requesting financial assistance to help the family cover Vicky's medical expenses. With Vicky's passing, their financial situation has worsened. Her husband and daughter are left with $2,428 in hospital and associated expenses which they are unable to pay.

Our sponsor site director has requested assistance from Chalice to pay the medical expenses for this family in desperate need.

Funding Request: $2,428.00
Critical Need: PBP0918
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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other Critical Need emergencies that may arise.



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