Fatima is 16 years old and is sponsored out of our Chalice sponsor site in Ayolas, Paraguay.
Chalice Critical Needs - Medical Expenses for Fatima, ParaguayShe is one of 12 children (11 live at home). Her mother works three times a week cleaning houses. In addition, she makes and sells homemade peanut butter. Her father does not have a permanent job - he works whenever he is able to find employment in construction and painting. All the children at home attend school (one is in university). For the past several years, the family has lived in a house that has been loaned to them. Some of the girls work part-time as nannies and as cleaning ladies to help provide for the family.

Recently, while riding a motorbike home from school with a friend on the back, Fatima was involved in an accident with a car. Neither she or her friend was wearing a helmet. Fatima suffered head injuries and a broken collarbone. Once the swelling had subsided, she had to have surgery to repair the damage, including having two metal plates installed. She is recovering.

Because the surgery took place in a public hospital, the doctors' fees and other services were free. The cost of  two mini-plates and accessories for  the procedure were not covered by the healthcare system and must be paid by the family. Total cost is $417.38, and the family does not have the money to cover these costs.

Our sponsor site director, Javier, has come to Chalice to ask for the funding for this critical need.

Funding Request: $417.38
Critical Need: PAL0518

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.



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