Simon is 14 years old and is sponsored by Chalice through our sponsor site in Haiti South.
Chalice Critical Needs - Medical Expenses for Simon, Haiti SouthHe is one of seven children and comes from a very poor family - his father is blind and his mother is unemployed.

Simon has had Lichen Planus disease since he was five years old. This inflammatory condition has affected his skin and in particular his hands and feet, producing painful splitting of the skin. He is now having difficulty walking upright. Following a recent visit to the local hospital, the doctor indicated his condition is severe and it requires immediate special attention to cure Simon of the disease. The doctor is recommending a 12-month treatment plan including medication, proper nutrition, new clothing, and a supply of toiletries, all needed to effectively eradicate the disease. He will also need to pay for transportation to and from school until he is able to walk without great pain.

Total cost for doctor appointments, treatment including proper food, new clothing, and transportation for the treatment period, is $1470. The family does not have the money to cover this urgent need.

Our sponsor site director has come to Chalice requesting that we assist with payment of the costs for the treatment.

Funding Request: $1,470.00
Critical Need: HHS0518
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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical needs emergencies that may arise.



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