The social and economic crisis in Venezuela has made life very difficult (and for some impossible) to survive in that country.
Chalice Critical Needs - A New Start for Alandedro and GilbertoAlandedra, 24, and her husband, Gilberto, 22, are victims of the situation and after losing everything, they fled the country into Chile with nothing. The situation was complicated by the fact that Alandedra was nine months pregnant and lacking proper nutrition.

Both Alandedra and Gilberto were in the midst of completing their university education in law and accounting respectively, but saw no future in their home country. Now they are living in a shelter in limbo, with no possessions or money and a new baby for feed and care for. Gilberto will try to get a job as a waiter.

The couple came into contact with our sponsor site and are looking for humanitarian aid to get them over the first two months. They need: rent for a bedroom for two months, food for themselves and the baby, and a bed and mattress (renting an unfurnished room is much cheaper) and some miscellaneous items including some transportation money for Gilberto to pursue a job. Total cost of these items is estimated to be $4,459.42.

Our sponsor site director in Arica has come to Chalice to provide the financial assistance to help this family with this urgent need and provide them with an opportunity to get a new start in life.

Funding Request: $4,459.42
Critical Need: CAA0418

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.



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