Heavy rains in the months of March and April have damaged or destroyed homes in the Kalahari and Migandini slums of Mombasa (Kenya).

Chalice Critical Needs - Homes for Families in KenyaBecause many families in the slums and some poor rural villages live in small semi-permanent houses, the walls were weakened and destroyed by the heavy rains that leaked through the old iron sheet roofs. The water seeped through the walls, weakening the mud blocks and causing them to slowly drop off. The rains have left four sponsored families either homeless or living in very cold, damp, and unhealthy conditions. All four families are in desperate need of assistance.

The modest home of young Fatuma Katio and her five children was completely destroyed, leaving her and the children homeless and in need of a small home. Fatume Chumbo and her five children find themselves in the same situation and in need of a small reliable home. Two other families - Delina with her three children and Salama (a blind mother) with her five children, have leaky roofs and are forced to put buckets and tins around their small two-room dwellings to collect the rain water and pour it outside. These two families urgently require new iron sheets to replace their roofs.

Not only are these families lives in disarray, but it is also very difficult for the children to concentrate on their school work. The Sisters who run our sponsor site in Mombasa are very concerned and have come to Chalice for assistance to build the two modest homes and repair the roofs on the other two at a total cost of $9,663.70

Funding Request: $9,663.70
Critical Need: KMM0418

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Please note that any funds that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical needs emergencies that may arise.



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