Edith is 12 years old and sponsored through our Chalice sponsor site in Asembo, Kenya.
Chalice Critical Needs - Funding required for sponsored child Edith in Kenya for Medical costsShe attends school and is in class six. She is one of five children in the family, with her mother being the primary caregiver.

Edith started feeling discomfort in early March. She experienced abdominal pain on several occasions. She was eventually taken to hospital, where tests were performed including an ultrasound. After discussions with several doctors, she was diagnosed with hydronephrosis - swelling of the kidney due to a build up of fluid as a result of some form of blockage. Immediate surgery was recommended to help restore the integrity of her kidneys before they were damaged beyond repair.

The costs associated with Edith's illness - including travel, lab tests, surgery, drugs, hospital bed, and some food to help with recovery, will be approximately $696. The family has no means to pay for these costs.

Our Asembo sponsor site director has come to Chalice with an urgent request for assistance to help the family cover these costs and enable Edith to be restored to good health.

Funding Request: $696.00
Critical Need: KRR0318

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.



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