Mareni, (14) is a sponsored child at our Orissa Site. She lives with her parents and three siblings in a small house in Manipur, India
Chalice Critical Needs - Replace House Destroyed by Fire for sponsored child Mareni and her family in IndiaHer oldest brother (20) attends university; the next brother (16) is in grade 10; Mareni is in grade eight, and her youngest sibling (4) attends kindergarten.

Mareni's parents are farmers by occupation and they grow rice and vegetables on a mountain top - selling any extra in the marketplace. Their monthly earnings are approximately $70.

One night last month (March) while the family was sleeping, an accidental fire destroyed their one-room home. Fortunately, the family was able to escape, but all of  their belongings were lost - except for the clothes they were wearing. They need shelter and some resources to replace what was lost.

The cost to build a modest home, including a concrete floor, roof, and walls (made from metal sheets) and labour, will be $2323. They also need to replace the school uniforms lost, as well as school books and supplies in the amount of $250. Another $351 will cover a stove, utensils, and some food staples for nutrition. With an annual income of only $840, the family is in desperate need of help.

Our sponsor site director in Orissa, Sister Mary, has come to Chalice for assistance in the amount of $2924 to help the family cover these costs.

Funding Request: $2,924.00
Critical Need: IOM0318

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.



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