Maksym is 13 years old and lives with his single mother. He is sponsored through the Chalice sponsor site of Ternopil, Ukraine.

Chalice Critical Needs - Treatment for Lyme Disease for Maksym, UkraineHis mother is bringing up two children on her own after being abandoned by her husband. They live in a rural area and she has been unable to find a job so she grows crops on a small plot of land and keeps some poultry for their sustenance. Maksym has been one of the top students at his school.

Back in early September, Maksym became ill and two weeks later after being incorrectly diagnosed and treated for the flu as well as encephalitis, a blood test for Lyme disease came back positive. The initial treatment showed positive results but his condition worsened in mid-October. The infection affected his joints, nervous system, and heart. Also, as a result of antibiotic treatment, Maksym's liver, kidneys, and pancreas have suffered. He was eventually sent to one of the best hospitals in Kyiv for further treatment and remained there until mid-November. Unfortunately, Maksym still has not recovered completely and he still suffers from symptoms of Lyme disease. The doctors predict that treatment may last for one year before he completely recovers. He must be tested for the disease every three months, and continue to take antibiotics under doctors' supervision, as well as wear a special orthopedic neck collar for two months to help correct a tilt that developed in his neck as a result of the disease.

This tragic event has taken a tremendous toll on the family and their limited financial resources. Maksym's mother took out a loan to help pay some of the costs incurred, but they are desperate for help, knowing that he still has a period of recovery that is uncertain.

Our sponsor site director has come to Chalice with needs that amount to $1,091 to help the family survive in the days ahead.

Funding Request: $1,091.00
Critical Need: UTT0118B

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