The political unrest in Eastern Ukraine since 2014 has had a devastating impact on the economy. The jobless rate is high.
Chalice is providing heating materials for families in UkraineThis, coupled with increased costs for essential items, has left families in a very vulnerable state.

One of the hardest hit items has been energy costs, which have tripled over this period. Families have struggled to provide heat (gas or wood), electricity, and hot water for their homes and are forced to cut back on food to provide bare minimums. As a result, families are cold and lacking proper nutrition. The families of our sponsored children at our sponsor sites, all of whom were already suffering from poverty, are undergoing extreme hardship. In the past, some grant donations from Chalice supporters have been used to assist these families; however, these funds are not enough.

There is no relief being provided locally, so our sponsor site directors at Pochaiv and Ternopil have come to Chalice and its supporters for assistance. There are 129 families that are in desperate need of assistance to get them through this winter. The number of beneficiaries, including 196 sponsored chilren, will total 645. The request is to provide on average, the equivalent of $174.40 to each family in heating materials. The distribution of the funds or equivalent in wood will be carefully coordinated and managed to ensure that the money is used specifically as intended.

Funding Request: $22,497.45
Critical Need: Emergency Heating, Ukraine

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.



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