The Tondo Sponsor Site cares for disadvantaged children.
Chalice Critical Needs Funding Needed to Build Community Toilets following fire in Tondo, PhilippinesThese children belong to families that are classified as Survival Level (monthly income below the poverty line), and the families live in unsafe and insecure areas. Most of these families do not earn enough to provide for their children's most basic needs, let alone provide for other needs like education.

On August 18th, an explosion from an undetermined source resulted in a fire that spread through temporary housing of some 750 families, including the families of 37 sponsored children from our Tondo Sponsor Site. They lost their homes and most of their possessions and tragically, two young siblings of one of our sponsored children lost their lives.

Another consequence of the fire is a desperate need for toilet facilities for the residents of the five buildings destroyed. While some aid has been provided by the local government, there is no provision for toilets. There is a need for a mininum of five washrooms with three stalls each, as well as a septic tank for each unit. These will be community toilets.

Our Sponsor Site Director has come to Chalice for help with this basic community need for proper hygiene and sanitation. Cost in total for the five washrooms will be $5,265.

Funding Request: $5,265.00
Critical Need: PTT0917B

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.



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