Jhilver is 16 years old and is sponsored by Chalice through our Levantate Mujer Site in Bolivia.
Chalice Critical Needs Funding - Jhilver Needs SurgeryHe works during the day and attends school at night. He comes from a family of four, including his parents. His father works and his mother is at home. The family is poor and has trouble making ends meet.

Recently, as he was leaving school, Jhilver was attacked by a group of teenagers who were trying to steal his belongings. He resisted but while attempting to defend himself, he was beaten up quite badly. The injuries included a broken nose (nasal septum) and he has been left with problems breathing through his nose. In order to correct the problem, he has been advised by the Otolaryngologist that surgery will be required.

The family has been advised that the surgery will cost $1,716. They do not have the resources to cover these costs.

Our Chalice Sponsor Site Director is requesting funding assistance from Chalice to cover the cost of the operation.

Funding Request: $1,716.00
Critical Need: BLM0917

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.



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