Anne is in the first form of secondary school at the Starehe Girls School in Nairobi, Kenya.
She is from a poor family and Chalice is currently completing the process to gain sponsorship for her so that she can continue to attend this school.

Anne seated on hospital bedAnne had been complaining of chest pains and pain in swallowing since May of this year. On June 29th she complained of pain in her right ear and when she was taken to Kiambu District Hospital, tests were done that indicated she had a bacterial infection. She was referred to Kenyatta National Hospital, where she was admitted for further review and testing. The doctors found that she has a chronic right ear infection that has extended into the brain. An initial surgery has been performed, but she still has to undergo two additional surgeries to stop the infection that has extended to the brain.

The cost of the surgeries and in-patient follow-up care, along with medications required until point of recovery, will be approximately $4870.

Anne's family is too poor to have the Government sponsored National Health Insurance and does not have the financial resources to cover these costs.

Our Sponsor Site Director, Sister Jane (she is also the school principal) has come to Chalice for assistance to pay for these costs. Sister Jane will also oversee the recovery process and help ensure that Anne's health is restored.

Funding Request: $4870.00
Critical Need: KSN0817

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Please note that any funds that exceed the request will be used to fund other Critical Need emergencies that may arise.



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