Sister Justina is a member of the Sisters of Mary Immaculate who run Chalice's sponsor site in Serenje, Zambia.
Sister Justina, Director of Chalice's Serenje, Zambia Site, following a recent chemo treatmentShe is our Sponsosr Site Director and has worked tirelessly for years on behalf of the local poor and needy. Now she is in desperate need of help for herself.

In August of 2014 Sister Justina was diagnosed with bilateral breast cancer. Surgery, followed by chemotherapy, was completed by the end of December. During a routine checkup in August of 2015, it was discovered that the cancer cells had returned. This led to more chemotherapy treatments and further surgery in January of 2016. All was good until December of 2016, when the cancer returned and further chemotherapy has been required.

Sister Justina has completed five of nine required cycles of chemo treatments. Unfortunately, she now has exhausted all of the financial resources available to her at this time. She needs the money to pay for the last four treatments, as well as two PET scans required before the last three cycles, plus associated medicines. Total cost is $12,610. Sister Justina is 51 years old and the prognosis is good if she can complete these treatments.

Assistance is being requested to cover these costs and give Sister Justina a chance to win her battle with cancer.

Funding Request: $12,610.00
Critical Need: ZSS0617A

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.



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