Lybov is the mother of five children and the family lives in the Lanivtsi area of Ukraine. Two of the children, Bohdan, 15, and Nazariy, 11, are sponsored through our Ternopil Sponsor Site.
Chalice Critical Needs in Ukraine - Medications for Lybov following strokeLybov's oldest daughter, who is 28 years old, has an intellectual disability. The family lives together in a small home 65 kilometres from Ternopil. Lybov is a parent group leader in her village.

One morning in early February she experienced acute pain in her head and fell to the floor. Her son called the ambulance and she was rushed to the hospital, where it was determined that she had suffered a stroke along with acute hemorraging. Her condition is critical and she will require costly medications if she is to have any chance of recovery and be in a position to look after her family.

Like many families in Ukraine, it is a struggle to provide the bare necessities. Lybov was the main wage earner in her family, working as a milk collector - both her 21-year-old son and her husband are unemployed with little hope of finding work. The family works long hours growing crops and keeps some domestic animals to help provide for their livelihood. The cost of medications and service fees for doctors to help Lybov is estimated to be $2,288 and the family has no means to pay.

Our Sponsor Site Director, Luba Tsytsyk, has requested assistance from Chalice.

Funding Request: $2,288.00
Critical Need: UTT0217

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