One of our sponsored seniors, Delia, aged 86, passed away recently while visiting her daughter in southern Chile.

Chalice Critical Needs in ChileOur Chalice sponsor site in Arica sponsors both children and a number of elderly. Sponsored children, seniors, and their families receive assistance for education, medical care, and nutrition.

Delia and her husband Pedro (also sponsored by Chalice), had been provided with bus tickets for the trip by their daughter. While visiting her daughter, Delia suffered a severe heart attack which resulted in extensive damage to the heart. There was little that could be done for her and shortly after her release from the hospital she suffered a second heart attack and passed away a few days later before returning home to Arica.

Her distraught husband, Pedro, was desperate to have Delia's body returned home to Arica. The cost to return the body the long distance was too much so he had the body cremated and returned the ashes. The cost for the cremation and travel back was $3670. He does not have the funds to pay for these expenses.

Our Chalice Sponsor Site Director is requesting funding assistance to cover these costs.

Funding Request: $3670.00
Critical Need: CAA0117B

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.



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