Thiago, from Pinife, Peru is the four-month-old son of Rosa and has just recently been diagnosed with Club Foot.

Hycenta is 50 years old and the mother of 16-year-old sponsored child Derrick at our Chalice Sponsor Site in Kumbo, Cameroon.

Sister Justina is a member of the Sisters of Mary Immaculate who run Chalice's sponsor site in Serenje, Zambia.

Joshua is two years old and has an infant sister. His father is a general worker and his mother is a housewife.

Christine is the daughter of our site director for our Haiti North Sponsor Site. She is four years old. In early March of this year, while at home, she passed out and collapsed.

St. Charles Lwanga School and Children's Centre is a place where orphaned, homeless, or abandoned children are provided with shelter, food, and educational support.

Chalice Critical Needs - Lybov in Ukraine
Lybov is the mother of five children and the family lives in the Lanivtsi area of Ukraine. Two of the children, Bohdan, 15, and Nazariy, 11, are sponsored through our Ternopil Sponsor Site.

Chalice Critical Needs to Help Staff Member in Bolivia
On Dec. 21, 2016 a terrible tragedy struck the family of Godofredo, one of our staff at our Chalice Sponsor Site in Yapacani, Bolivia. Four of his siblings were attacked by an estranged relative.



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