Project Name: Mporokoso Water Project, Zambia
Project Location: Mporokoso, Zambia
Project Type: Water
Project Code: ZKO0417

Background: St. Odilia Special School for the Blind is a sub-site of our Kawambwa Sponsor Site and is located in the Mporokoso District of northern Zambia.
Chalice Community Project - Mporokoso Water Project, ZambiaThe population of the District is estimated to be 455,194. Chalice works in partnership with the Religious Congregation of the Sisters of the Child Jesus, whose mission is to render services to their own people through humility and simplicity, in line with Christ's simple lifestyle. The sub-site primarily serves children with visual impairments and those who are most vulnerable, including children with albinism. Most of these children come from vulnerable families and parents who need support in order to enable them (children) to attain the education required for them to live independent lives in the future.

Zambia is one of the poorest countries in the world and this community is one of the poorest in the country. Many households live on one dollar or less per day. With the low economic status, many parents lack any education and struggle with providing education for their children.

The current enrolment at the school is 368 students, with 142 of these sponsored through Chalice. The wells used for water supply are shallow and recurring prolonged droughts lead to frequent water shortages that impact not only the school, but also the parish, Sisters' convent, and the wider community. The visually impaired children are often forced to travel to nearby village to get water.

Chalice Community Project - Water Project in ZambiaProject Objectives:
This project is to drill a borehole (deep well), test the water, and install a 4" submersible, solar-powered electric pump. It will also include installation of piping and three water storage tanks with total capacity of 24,000 litres. This borehole will provide clean water to the school, the parish church, and the convent. Some members from the community will also make use of the project. The community will contribute in terms of labour and some materials such as bricks, sand, and crushed stones. Total cost of the project is $39,076 and Chalice is being asked to contribute $37,607.

Budget in Canadian Funds: $37,607.00

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