Project Name: Narumoru Community Resource Farm Borehole Project
Project Location: Nanyuki, Kenya
Project Type: Water
Project Code: KBN0117

Background: This Chalice Sponsor Site in Baraka is administrated by the Carmelites of Mary Immaculate (CMI) Brothers.
Chalice Community Project - Narumora Borehole ProjectThe site runs programs to empower women, men, and youth in the community. In 2014 the Missionaries expanded their activities and services to an area known as Narumoru, where this water project is located. This is a semi-arid region which experiences two rainy seasons; the first in the months of April to May and the second in the months of September to October. The area is surrounded by three seasonal rivers which dry up during the months of December to April. About 60% of beneficiaries walk from 5-10 km to look for water during dry season while 40% of the members who live in town are forced to buy water which is very expensive. The site is in need of a water supply for both domestic work and to supplement agriculture.

A large majority of beneficiaries supported by the Chalice Programs in Baraka are squatters with very little access to land. Most Kenyan rural communities rely on agriculture for their livelihood, and with lack of land, many families face hunger throughout the year. The Missionaries in Baraka have 50 acres of land with a model farm established through Chalice's eRoots program for pig farming, poultry, cattle, goats and sheep; fish pond and a greenhouse. However, due to lack of water, they can only farm about 10 acres of land. Parents who reside in the slum areas and others living in rented accommodation with no access to land have been invited to farm this land to provide for their families. Families involved in the program have shown remarkable improvement and the site would like to expand the program to include more families.

Narumoru, Kenya Chalice Water ProjectProject Objectives: With construction of a borehole, this project aims at improving access to water. This will provide for increased farming and make drinking water available to the nearby families and institutions like schools. The Narumoru Resource Farm has 30 extra acres of land and this land can be leased without charge under conditions for some years for cultivation to those who do not have land. This will provide at least 20 families the opportunity to do farming and to have economical and food stability. The Farmer Groups will farm the land and the water will assist in crop production. Another 30 families in the surrounding area and their livestock will benefit from healthy drinking water. In addition, three boarding schools of 1000 students, some of whom are sponsored by Chalice, will benefit (in the time of drought season) with this borehole. A community training hall, which is located on the site and is part of sharing Christ with those in need, will also benefit from this water project. Total funds being requested from Chalice are $37,734. Labour will be donated by the local beneficiaries.

Budget in Canadian Funds: $37,734.00

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Please note that any funds that exceed the request will be used to fund other Community Projects/Programs.



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