Project Name: Haiti North Poultry Cooperative and Jam Production 3.1
Project Location: Terrier Rouge/Grand Bassin
Project Type: Community Improvement
Project Code: HHN1216
Background: The Director of Chalice Haiti North Sponsor Site is Mr. Edley Gabeau. The site is located in Terrier-Rouge and Grand-Bassin, in northeastern Haiti.
The Site provides access to quality education as well as health and nutritional support. Three quarters of Haitians live on less than $2 (US) per day (half earn less than $1 per day). Access to education is low, with illiteracy rates almost 50%. In rural areas, almost 90% live below the poverty level and basic social services are practically nonexistent.

Chalice in Haiti North - Building a Community Poultry Co-op and Jam ProductionIn early 2015, in response to this lack of economic opportunities (particularly for youth) in the communities of Terrier Rouge and Grand Bassin, Chalice commissioned a Non-Profit Organization called International Sustainable Community Assistance (ISCA) to do a detailed evaluation. It included the provision of an implementation plan to allow Chalice management to map a path forward, in an appropriate and sustainable manner, in order to support these two communities in creating livelihood options and jobs. The research and analysis concluded that based on Chalice's focus on education, the two communities would have a high probability of success in building on two main themes: primary production of poultry and a local food processing enterprise. Subsequently, a two phase project was approved by Chalice with a potential for two additional phases based on the post audit of Phases I and II.

Phase I saw the establishment of a community poultry cooperative, construction of 10 chicken coops, selection and training of the families involved in the poultry enterprise, and the hiring of a Community Livelihoods Officer and Veterinary Agent. Phase II involved the distribution of Chalice Sponsorship Program - Child in Poultry Co-opanother seven chicken coops, training of families on poultry and small business management, undertaking a poultry market study, processing and bottling of locally grown products, and initial preparation for a poultry hatching unit. Phase III saw construction of an egg laying barn, construction of 10 more coops, establishment of an Agro Supply Shop, training of the families in the area of poultry production and jam production, and carrying out market research. The first three phases of the project have been very successful. Prior to embarking on Phase IV (final Phase) ISCA sees the need for an interim phase to build on the work that has been done setting the stage for an ambitious and successful finish to the project.

Project Objectives: This interim phase will focus on (i) continued training, capacity building and additional equipment investment for the jam processing group of women as well as conducting Haitian wide market research and analysis to identify possible future markets for the jams to be sold (ii) further support and monitoring of the poultry coops and egg laying barn and (iii) support and mentoring for the Agro Supply Shop (record keeping, accountability and inventory management all of which are very important to the long term success of the enterprise). The cost of the interim phase (3.1) will be $47,336 but will be instrumental in the overall success of this project.

Budget in Canadian Funds: $47,336.00

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