Project Name: Skills @ Chalice
Project Location: India
Project Type: Education
Project Code: IRR0716
Background: In India, the job opportunities are increasing due to the country's consistent economic growth. Many youth and women who are educationally marginalized never get to avail of these opportunities due to lack of skills.
Skill development often takes place informally in the workplace through assisting parents, relatives and employers. With no formal certificate, they earn lower wages and are too often exploited by employers.

24-year-old Nagarai was trained in electronics and is now employed doing electrical repairsSkills @ Chalice is a development initiative started by Chalice in India in 2012. Presently there are nine centres operating. The skills provided are designed to match market demand and ensure sustainable livelihood opportunities for unemployed youth and women in the age group of 19-45 years, and coming from families of both sponsored and non-sponsored children. To date, the majority of trainees have been women. This program will grant certificates covering a variety of practical skills and trades. The candidates covered under the program will have the opportunity to enter into the job market with basic skills which will help them to earn a more fair wage. In addition to economic development, Skills @ Chalice also impacts the trained candidates and their families in the areas of education, health and family development. The initiative will include selection and training of trainers, mobilization of candidates, training in theory and practical, and development of life skills. There will be guest lecturers and exposure trips, performance appraisals, on the job training, support for job placement/self-employment and post placement support. There is no charge for candidates.

Project Objectives: This project will bring Skills @ Chalice to five more sponsor site areas. There will be 47 groups of students for a total of 1200 participants over the next 12 months. The trades covered will be Tailoring, Electrician, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Tally (financial software program) and Spoken English. There will be mobile training centres that will be capable of moving from village to village as the demand dictates. The candidates covered under the Skills @ Chalice program will have the opportunity to enter into the workforce with basic skills which will help them obtain a fair wage in their effort to support themselves and their families - ultimately contributing to the eradication of poverty in the targeted area. The program will be subject to ongoing review, and modifications completed based on the learning from prior phases. Total cost will be $107,918.

Budget in Canadian Funds: $107,918.00

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