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This Chalice Sponsor Site is located in the city of Villeta in southwestern Paraguay, along the Paraguay River and bordering Argentina. Villeta is an industrial port city. Despite the economic boom that comes with industrialization, much of the population continues to rely on more traditional occupations like fishing, brick making, and domestic service.

The Centro MarĂ­a Auxiliadora - Villeta (CMAVIL) Chalice Sponsor Site is administrated by the Hijas de Maria Auxiliadora (Daughters of Mary Help of Christians), members of the Salesian family. They are committed to supporting the education of economically disadvantaged children and young people in the communities where they work. One obstacle that CMAVIL tries to address is school dropouts, by providing educational support to children who would otherwise choose to leave school and help support their family. Another concern for most families is the high cost of health care. Most people who cannot afford proper health care go without, thus impacting individuals, families, and communities.

Mission - Villeta

The Chalice Villeta Sponsor Site is an educational community that leads to Christ, just as Don Bosco and Mother Mazzarello were engaged with preferential love to the poorest youth, or those who in any way have less chance of success and are more exposed to dangers. The site promotes activities for training of children and youth, especially those abandoned or at risk. Families are encouraged to be good promoters in their communities with the slogan "Good Christians and honest citizens".

Sponsorship in Villeta

The main objectives of Chalice's Villeta Sponsor Site are to give support in the areas of education, health care, nutrition and environment, while accompanying families in self-management practices by providing training within local communities.

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